What do I believe about Birth?

birth is a normal physiological event. 

Birth works best when left alone.

When women are free to move around and not confined to a bed or a monitor.

Free to eat and drink as needed.

Free to go inward without being bothered.

Free to roar like a lion without being silenced.

Variations of normal are not always risks. 

Meconium in the waters.

Prolonged waters releasing.

Breech birth.


Women are autonomous beings even in birth. 

Women have the right to informed consent and rights of refusal towards any procedure.

Even GBS testing or treatment.

Even Vit K.

Even if she is RH negative.

Even vaginal checks or heart tones with a doppler.

Every woman should birth where and with whom she feels safest birthing.

That may be in the hospital with an OB or a CNM.

Or it may be at home or a birth center with a LM/CPM.

Doula or no doula.

It may even be at free birthing at home with no medical professional present.

Women's bodies are not broken. 

Birth happens on it's own schedule. 

There is no such thing as an overdue baby. Babies come when they are ready.

Most women do not dilate at one centimeter per hour.

Undisturbed birth may only take a few hours, but it also may take a few days. 

Women's vaginas are not vacuums. The best thing to do to minimize the risk of infection is keeping your hands out of her vagina. 

Placentas can take upwards of an hour to release on their own. 

Every woman, barring very rare circumstances and if given the correct support, can have physiological vaginal birth. 

Teen mothers.

Fat women.

Women who are of "advanced maternal age." 

Whether or not she's had all her previous babies vaginally or has had all her previous babies via c-section.

trust your body. trust your baby. trust birth.