Placenta Preparation

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As a Placenta Specialist I believe deeply in the benefits of placentophagy, consuming your placenta. Many women who consume their placenta have reported more balanced postpartum mood, high levels of energy, increased milk supply, and an overall uplifted feeling.

I prefer to provide the service of encapsulating your placenta right in your own home, for multiple reasons. 

  1. Processing your placenta in your home ensures transparency. You can watch my practices and routines and know that I am using safe, and sanitary practices. I adhere to the strictest standards of cleanliness, and sanitation. Also, there is no doubt that the placenta in your pills is yours, and no one else's.

  2. Processing in your home provides peace of mind that the surfaces where the encapsulation happens are safe from any cross contamination. You clean your kitchen, you know what you cook with and clean with.

  3. Processing your placenta in your home gives you the opportunity to process your birth, ask questions, and get some support from me, a trained doula. One of the reasons I chose birth work was to support pregnant women and new mothers during this beautiful, powerful, life changing journey. I want to be available to you during my visit. Or, you can just lay in bed and soak up the new baby glow. I won't be offended at all.

I would highly recommend the placenta encapsulation service that Tamara provides. After my first birth I had sever postpartum depression and wanted to do anything I could to avoid that this time. I am normally not a super crunchy mom, but I have had no depression this time around. I have also noticed that the days I forget to take the capsules are my harder days.
— Tori N.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation | $150

The most popular way to consume your placenta is via encapsulation. I encapsulate using the method of your choice.

Traditional Chinese Medicine*

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine*, I steam your placenta with lemon and ginger, then dehydrate it for 24 hours, and I finish by grinding it into a powder that I encapsulate for you. Those who choose to encapsulate via TCM do so because according to TCM traditions labor and birth leave the mother cold, and deficient of blood and body fluids. In order to promote healing during the postpartum period is to incorporate heat back into the mother. So the placenta is steamed with ginger, leading to the warming of the postpartum mother.

*My process was inspired by TCM. I am not a TCM practitioner.

Raw Method

During encapsulation via the Raw Method I clean, slice, and dehydrate your placenta at 118˚ for 24 hours without steaming first. Those who prefer this method do so because it is believed to yield a more potent medicine with more hormones and nutrients, compared to TCM.

Add On Placenta Preparation Fees

**These fees reflect the cost of adding the service to encapsulation. At this time I do not offer any of these preparations on their own. 

Placenta Tincture | $35**

A tincture allows you to have the benefits of consuming your placenta for a much longer period of time. Your tincture will need to ferment for 6 weeks before use, which is just about how long your pills will last. Once it's fermented you can experience the benefits of your placenta for years to come. 

Placenta Salve | $35**

A salve is a homemade healing balm with added butters and oils that can help heal and sooth the skin from so many irritations, abrasions, and scars. Things like tearing, cracked nipples, sunburn, diaper rash, c-section scars, etc.  

Placenta Preparation Bundles


This bundle is for the client who wants to maximize their placenta. It includes encapsulation, smoothie preparation, a bedside smoothie, a 4 oz tincture, and a 4 oz salve. 


This bundle includes encapsulation, a bedside smoothie, and placenta cubes for future smoothies. 


This bundle is for the momma who that doesn't want to encapsulate her placenta, but still wants to consume her placenta. The entire placenta is prepared for future smoothies, in addition to the bedside smoothie for immediate consumption. 


This is the side dish sampler of bundles. It includes a bedside smoothie, placenta cube smoothie preparation, a 4 oz tincture, and a 4 oz salve.