Investment for Labor Support

Birth Doula Support - $750.00

My greatest desire when I come into your birth space is to be a helpful, and trusted addition to your birthing team. I want to get to know you and your partner well during the prenatal period so that when labor day arrives, everyone feels comfortable and confident.

Labor Support Includes:

We'll have at least one, preferably two prenatal meetings, where we discuss your birth wishes, address holistic pain management, and discuss breastfeeding and any postpartum concerns you may have. 

Outside of our prenatal meetings, I am available to you via phone calls, texts, or emails to answer any questions you may have. 

Continuous care during labor. Since births happen organically, and babies don't care about my schedule or yours, I do not currently have a time limit for how long I will be at your birth. However, to ensure I am providing you with the best support possible I usually do not join you until active labor. We will stay in touch once labor has started, and decide together when it's appropriate for me to come to you

After baby comes, I will stay with you until baby has latched and all are comfortable, which is usually about an hour.

One postpartum visit. If you birth at home or in a birth center, I will visit the next day. If you birth in the hospital, I will visit the day after you are released. 

Tamara was a vital member of our birth team. She was calm, reassuring and flexible... all super important when it comes to birth! Thank you, Tamara, for coming into our lives! You will forever be part of the most beautiful day of my life! <3
— Lisa P.