Brittany's Story | Part 1 | The Birth

I am so grateful when friends allow me to share their stories on my website. This is part one of my soul friend Brittany's story. In it, she shares about how important it is to have a team surrounding you that you trust and who trusts you and your choices. She poses some questions at the end that I hope you'll really think about and consider while you prepare for your birth. 

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Ashley's Breastfeeding Journey

I am so honored to share Ashley's story with you. She is my lifelong best friend and being so far from her during her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period has been so difficult for the both of us. Ashley gave birth to Eleanor January 15th, 2018. She is 8 weeks postpartum and in this blog, she shares about her struggles with breastfeeding and finding the right lactation support person. 

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My Role as Your Doula and Circumcision

As your doula when we sit down to discuss your birthing options, like an epidural or pitocin, we discuss the risks and benefits for those interventions and then I step aside and give you space and respect to make the choice that is right for you. When it comes to routine infant circumcision, I would argue, and so would many others, that it's not the parents decision to make.

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