Life Updates, A Birth Hiatus and a Discount on Placenta Services

Man, it has been a long time since I’ve done any work on my website. I haven’t opened this thing up in months. I don’t even know why.

I mean, I do know why, but it’s a lot of whys.

Why #1

I moved to Orlando and I really thought it would be so so so much easier to move my business over. But it has been so insanely hard. I marketed like hell the first six months I was here, with no luck. I met other doulas. I met the midwives. And while people were lovely and welcoming, for the most part, I didn’t get any traction or inquiries. I left my card everywhere and the only calls I got were from an insurance company who wanted to see, “how we could work together to support each other. You know, your business and mine are very similar.” Insert eye roll emoji here.

Why #2

Then, about six months after that, I started planning my wedding. Which needs very little explanation. We will have been engaged fifteen months by the time we get married this coming New Year’s Day and I will be exhausted. Giddy, and in love, but exhausted. I haven’t had any space in my mind for basically anything else.

Why #3

And, lastly, but maybe most importantly, around the same time I moved to Orlando, I started learning about what birth could really look like if it were left alone. If women were allowed to birth in their home with the exact kind of support she wanted, without having to be subjected to laws that bind others. Inductions, vaginal checks, dopplers, epidurals, coached pushing, unwanted episiotomies and cesareans. At both in hospital and out of hospital births I have seen what can happen if a provider is bound by law to do something a mother doesn’t want to have done. I have struggled with the idea that I have played into a system that oppresses pregnant women. I can remember joining in on the chorus of, “push, push, push,” and encouraging natural inductions as safe. I look back and I wonder, how did I contribute to any unwanted outcomes. With all of this revelation, it has been difficult to open myself up to attending births right now. For more information on physiological and undisturbed birth be sure to check out The Free Birth Society, and The Indie Birth Association.

So, this hiatus wasn’t intentional. It didn’t start by choice, believe me, I was desperate for birth work when I moved here. It evolved from, “man, I haven’t booked anything,” to, “man, I have to really figure out what my boundaries are, what kind of doula I want to be, and what kind of client I want to take on before I take on any new clients.” It has been a slow process, like I said, my wedding takes up a lot of space in my brain, but I think it’s coming together.

But I have REALLY missed mothers. I have really missed babies. I have missed the connection of women. And so, I am hoping to connect with some of you beautiful women in your postpartum time. Which is where the discounts come in!

For every placenta that I book for the rest of 2018 take 15% - 25% off!

If you book an encapsulation service, with or without an add on, take 15% off. But I’m taking 25% off of any placenta bundles! You could save $75 off of The Works Bundle! I am so excited for this because I am hoping to infuse my life with a few more women as the year comes to a close. I want to meet you. I want to serve you. I want to love you.

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