When Mother's Day Hurts

For most women Mother's Day is a day of tulips, and brunches and pastels, when we get to honor the beautiful women in our lives. Our Instagram feeds are full of picture collages of mothers at varying ages captioned with "I love you's" and heart eye emoticons. Spouses and children make breakfast in bed, and home made cards, and you get to revel in your motherhood. Then we call our mother's and wish them love today.

But for some, Mother's Day is a day not soon enough forgotten. It's painful, and complicated, and it's endured in silence. Everywhere they go today, motherhood is the focus. They sit in church while children pass out gifts to the mothers around them. Restaurants have Mother's Day specials. The end caps at Target are floral and themed for the day and it can be so difficult.

To the women who suffer today,

Those who have lost a child

Those who've lost their mothers

Those who so desperately want children, yet don't have them

Those who had terrible mothers they wished they could exchange

Be good to yourself today. Honor the emotions you are feeling. Don't let anyone shame you, or question you. Surround yourself with love and light, and people who get you.

I see you today. I know the pain you carry with you, and with this I honor you today.

Grace & Peace.