The Birth of a Logo.

Tamara the Birth Doula has been in business for over a year. I have been using Vistaprint to design my business cards and they were nice, but they were generic. I also have had my picture as my main image for my social media pages, and I didn't love that. We all want to be represented well by our marketing. When we create our marketing materials we want potential clients to feel something, and birth business is no different. So, I started to think about what I wanted in a logo.

Now, let's rewind. (Side note: do kids these days even know why we say rewind anymore??)

Last December, my sister was shopping in Philadelphia when she found an incredible necklace at Old Blood Jewelry & Wears that reminded her of my birth work. She gifted it to me and it has been one of my favorite pieces. Make sure you check them out, you won't be dissapointed!

Seriously, look how beautiful it is!

I knew almost instantly that this necklace would be the inspiration for my birth business logo. It is so reminiscent of all things birth and baby. I wrote Morgan, the owner of Old Blood Jewelry, and asked her if she would be willing to let me use her charm as my logo, and she graciously granted me permission.

I reached out to Bekah from Strasen Designs LLC to help make this into a reality! I have worked with her in the past when I was teaching a lot about Essential Oils and selling them with DoTerra and I knew she would to an awesome job! I sent her pictures, and I shared a bit with her about my birth business. We emailed back and forth about my vision for the logo, and the fonts that I liked, and in a couple of days I had my logo and I am so happy with it. 

Tamara the Birth Doula, and Placenta Encapsulator

I am so excited that my business is growing. This is just one more step towards having a successful business. A business that allows me to support women and their families. A business that not only supports me financially, but that fills my spirit with purpose and fulfillment. 

Thank you Morgan for allowing me to use your beautiful piece to brand my business, and thank you Bekah for taking what I saw in my heart and bringing it to life! 

You can find Old Blood Jewelry & Wears on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram

You can Find Strasen Designs on her website, Etsy, and Facebook.

Grace & Peace