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Tamara the Birth Doula headshot

Tamara the Birth Doula headshot

My journey into birth work started long before I'd ever heard the word Doula. I have always known I am at my strongest when helping others. It was a role I thrived in and loved fulfilling with friends and family. Several years ago, I replaced most of the unnatural chemicals in my personal care products and medicine cabinet with essential oils and holistic remedies and cleaners and it completely changed how I took care of myself and worked very hard to teach my friends and family better ways to take care of themselves. 

As I got older, the women around me, my friends and cousins and eventually my sister started getting pregnant and having babies and my love for helping people, and for natural living come together. Up to this point, I had very little exposure to natural birth. My first look at a different kind of birth came when I watched The Business of Being Born. For the first time I was seeing that women have the authority over their births. It's crazy to think someone had to tell me that, but that's just the culture we live in. I began to genuinely love talking about pregnancy, and babies, and birth and I soon became the go-to person for my pregnant friends and relatives. I love watching the look on a woman's face when she realizes she can have the birth she wants; seeing a woman take ownership of her pregnancy and birth through education and advocacy is a true joy. And so, after almost a decade as an administrative assistant, I decided to make a career out of doula work. 

I took my doula training, and then a placenta processing training (check out my Placenta Services page for more information on the benefits, and the process of placenta encapsulation) and then I became certified lactation counselor. Since becoming a doula I have learned more than I could have ever imagined about women's bodies and birth. I have become passionate about teaching women about how their bodies work and how to interpret the information their bodies are giving them, like cervical fluid and body temperature. And my beliefs about birth have evolved as I've become more and more confident in physiological birth, and in women's innate autonomy and authority over their bodies and births. I am excited to continue to grow and learn about birth and women and to be able to provide services, and support for women from menarche to birth and postpartum.

An important note on my role as your doula and circumcision: My greatest desire is to be a helpful, and trusted addition to your birthing team. Part of my role as your doula is to respect your body’s innate intelligence and help you advocate for compassionate, individualized, evidence based care. I believe that your baby's body will be born exactly as it should be and that his bodily autonomy should be respected. It's for these reasons that I cannot ethically doula for families who plan on circumcising their child. If you would like more information on keeping your child intact, please visit Your Whole Baby.